Facebook Marketing Services and Consulting

Facebook is a wonderful social media tool to connect with your customers and facebook marketingpotential customers.  You can share great content and have the opportunity to "talk" with them. 

Idea Sprouts helps businesses tap into the social, viral power of Facebook with marketing services like:

  • Design a Facebook Business Page with custom landing pages
  • Develop a Facebook marketing plan
  • Manage your Facebook page by posting relevant content and encouraging conversations
  • Create promotions on Facebook to drive more "likes" and sales

If you are just looking for some guidance on how to best get your business on Facebook, we offer coaching as well.  We will work with you to create a coaching plan so you can get your Facebook page up and attracting fans in no time. 

See how Idea Sprouts can change the way your business works on Facebook with a FREE Online Marketing Consultation.

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