Blog Services for Miami Businesses

Every business should have a blog! 

Idea Sprouts has been helping Miami businesses start blogging so that they can enjoy increased traffic to their sites and build relationships with potential clients.

2 Big Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging     

  1. Adding fresh content to your blog makes your site more attractive to the search engines and thus helps you rank higher for keywords.
  2. A blog is a great place to share your knowledge with your potential and current customers.  It allows you to start or foster a relationship with them. something that is much more difficult to do without a blog.

If your company does not have the time or resources to start a blog and routinely post new content to it, Idea Sprouts offers several blog services including:

Blog Setup:  We will determine what software is best to set up your blog, add it to your website and ensure that the design seamlessly blends with the rest of your webiste.

Blog Writing: Our professional writers research and write blog articles relevant to your industry.  You can rely on our writers for all of your articles or just use them to fill in the blanks to give you less writing to do.

Blog Strategy:  It's important that your business has a plan when setting out to have a company blog.  It can be overwhelming when you start thinking of all the details that are important.  We plan out what types of topics you should write about, set up a blogging schedule and give you and your team coaching to ensure your blogging is successful for your company.

Idea Sprouts would love to talk with you about your business' blog.  Contact us for a Free Online Marketing Assessment where we will discuss your online marketing and blogging goals.  Fill out the form on the left and someone will be in touch with you shortly.