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Is Groupon Good for Business?

Posted by Allison Semancik

With the approach of the Groupon IPO, there is no shortage of articles being published about how Groupon and other daily deal sites are bad for the small businesses that use them. 

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Before You Offer a Deal on Groupon or Living Social, Have a Marketing Strategy

Posted by Allison Semancik


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Online Marketing that Targets a Local Market

Posted by Allison Semancik
If your business caters to a local market, there are a lot of online marketing opportunities to reach your audience. The following ideas will help you zero in on your local target market and get more leads.

Search Engines

Search engines are quickly evolving to tailor your searches to local results.  This is great news for you if you want to get found by a local market.  By ensuring that you have well optimized Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local listings, you'll be ahead of the curve.  If your search terms are competitive, you should consider hiring a professional who specializes in optimizing local listings.


Connect with a local audience through local blogs.  The great thing about blogs is that there are SO many of them!  You'll surely find a blog that targets your local audience.  Reach out to the blogger and discuss writing a guest blog post.  Most bloggers are happy to have you write a post that gives their readers good information - and gives them a break from writing.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are still a popular way to reach target markets.  Just Ask Boo is a popular local email newsletter here in Miami (also in Palm Beach, Broward and Orlando) that targets women.  Look for local email newsletters like this in your city that reaches your target market.   There may be opportunities for you to contribute to a newsletter on an ongoing basis.

If you decide to advertise in an email newsletter, be smart about it.  Make sure you direct traffic to a landing page with a great offer like a free ebook or report in exchange for an email address in order to generate leads.

Social Networks

LinkedIn:  There are LinkedIn groups for just about anything you could think of and if a group doesn't exist for your market, you can create a group.   Join local groups and contribute to them.  You never know who you'll end up meeting face-to-face because of interaction in a LinkedIn Group.

Facebook:  Use Facebook to search for local events, groups and pages.  I find that Facebook is a great place to find events that you would have never known about otherwise.  You may have an opportunity to speak at events or just do some good old fashioned networking.

Twitter: By using Twitter directories or advanced Twitter search, you can find local people to connect with.  You can get the most out of using Twitter for business when you engage with your target market and industry.

Meetup: Meetup is the best way to find local groups that are organized for face-to-face meetings.  You'll find groups with interests of all sorts, so you're bound to find a group that works for you. Again, this is an opportunity for you to speak at local events about your specialty.

Of course, every business is unique, so not all of these methods may be appropriate for your business.  If you would like to develop a solid online marketing strategy that brings in more leads and sales for your business, take advantage of a Free Online Marketing Consultation.  We can discuss which of these online marketing techniques would give you the highest ROI.

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