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How to Avoid the Number One Business Blog Mistake

Posted by Allison Semancik
In the past, I've written about the reasons why your business should have a blog.  And once you decide to move forward with a blog, I've discussed how important it is to have a blog strategy.  I'm very happy when I see that businesses have a blog, but I am dismayed that I still see so many businesses make such a huge mistake when creating their blog.  

They've gone ahead and set up their blog on, or even a different domain than their business website.  A business surely won't reap the benefits of blogging by setting up their business blog on a separate domain from their website.

Here's whay you need to move your blog to your website now:

Having Your Blog on Your Website is Vital to Search Engine Optimization Success

Keywords: Having pages centered around the keywords you are trying to rank for is much easier when you have a blog.  It is much more natural to use keywords in various types of blog articles than to try to fit those words onto the other pages of your website. 

If your blog is not on your website, all those keywords you are using in your articles are not helping your business website rank at all. 

Inbound Links:  A hugely important part of search engine optimization is what links are pointing to your website.  Inbound links are links on other websites that lead traffic back to your website (or blog if you host it on another domain like 

Allow me to share an example with you. 

You write an awesome blog article about the 5 Best Marketing Tools for Online Businesses and your article is getting a lot of attention.  People start mentioning your article on their websites and include links back to your article. 

Great!  That is, it's great if your blog is on your website.  Because now you are building up valuable inbound links that can help boost your search engine rankings.

If your blog is on or, those inbound links are not helping your search engine rankings one bit. 

More Pages: The more pages your website has, the more search traffic it can and will get - especially when you have pages optimized for long-tail keywords. Now you could just create a really big website with lots of pages, but it's definitely much easier to have a blog.  Each blog article is a new page and then you continually grow your website (because you're blogging on a consistent basis, right?) over time.

Again, if your blog is not on your website, then all those pages you are creating are not adding to content to your website.

It's Time to Move!

I applaud you if you've already taken the step and started blogging.  But if your blog is not hosted on your website, you really are wasting valuable time and money.  If you were posting those same articles on your own website, you'd be on your way to accumulating higher rankings for your  keywords and some search engine love.

If you are writing a blog off of your website and you need some guidance on how to move it onto your business website, please contact us

As part of a free online marketing consultation, we will review how moving your blog will be a huge step in the right direction.

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