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Should You Be Creating Instagram Videos for Business?

Posted by Allison Semancik

Instagram Videos for business 1On our constant quest to create more content to share with the world, things have been getting more and more visual. Pinterest and Instagram have made photos more shareable, while YouTube and Vine give users the chance to add video to their content arsenal.

Even though YouTube has been around for years, not all businesses have taken advantage of creating video. My guess is that it’s because it can be time consuming (that’s my excuse!) and you want it to look professional.

Now with the introduction of videos on Instagram, things are getting a bit easier. Twitter's Vine has already proven that short videos, 6 seconds to be exact, can be popular. Many brands have successfully used Vine to share quick, fun videos and gain new followers. 

But since over 130 million people are using Instagram already, it only made sense for them to add the option of creating and sharing videos in addition to photos. If you have been flirting with the idea of creating videos, this may be the perfect way to get your feet wet.

Instagram Videos

  • Maximum 15 second videos
  • Pause and record to capture just the moments you want in your video
  • Delete the last segment of a video (you can’t delete any prior segments without deleting everything that came after it)
  • 13 custom filters designed for videos only
  • Cannot upload a video – only record from within Instagram (same as Vine)

Tips For Creating Instagram Videos

Make it Worthwhile

Photos are quick and easy. We take a look and either ignore it or like it and maybe make a comment. But a video (even if it is only 15 seconds) does take more time to pay attention to. So if you are going to create a video, make sure it’s worthy of people’s time. Make sure it has movement – otherwise, it could just be a photo.

Don’t Sweat It

Right now, don’t worry about creating amazing videos. Even the ones from big brands look as though anyone in the office could have made the video. Just make sure it’s worth viewing.
This video from Nike is short, sweet and to the point. I love that when I watch it, it makes me want to lace up my sneakers and go work out.


Get Inspired

There are plenty of brands posting videos to Instagram, so follow them to get inspired. Look to companies such as Starbucks, Nike and Target. And don’t forget smaller companies. Check to see if the businesses you follow on Facebook are using Instagram.

Take a look at my blog post on ideas for using Twitter's Vine to give you added inspiration. 


Once you’ve created your video, don’t just let it sit on Instagram, ask yourself if it makes sense to put it on your website. Instagram allows you to easily embed videos on your website. If you’ve done this with a YouTube video, you’ll be familiar with the process.  

To get the embed code, you need to visit Instagram from a desktop browser – not a mobile device. Choose the video (or photo) you want to embed and click to expand the post.  Click on the . . . button in the bottom right hand corner as shown in the image below. Then choose Embed. Copy the code and paste it into your blog post to embed the video.

instagram videos for business

In addition to sharing your video on your website, people can also easily follow your Instagram account from this embedded video (or photo).

As more avenues are opened for sharing unique content, everyone is becoming more comfortable with sharing more of their lives.

Is your business ready to share more video? Have you started using Instagram to share photos or videos from your business? 

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