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8 Mobile Apps That Will Make You A Better Marketer

Posted by JP Lemoine

WednesdayYou may have already noticed that online marketing is an always-on type of job. The world doesn’t stop tweeting during lunch hours, and when you go on vacation, the emails and Facebook messages tend stack up even higher. But, the thoughts and questions of your growing fan base don’t need to take a pause just because you’re away from your computer. With a few, powerful mobile apps, you can take your online marketing to the next level and be ready to address any issue at a moment’s notice.


1. Google Drive (iOS/Android)



If you’re still emailing documents to yourself to later access them on your computer, phone or tablet, it’s about time you make your life easier with Google Drive. With 5GB of free cloud storage, Google Drive essentially syncs everything you put inside it across all your devices. And since it’s merged with plenty of existing Google applications—several of which you probably already use—it’s a hassle free way to manage your documents anywhere you go.


2. Facebook Pages Manager (iOS/Android)


Facebook Pages Manager

Just like you would do on your desktop browser, you can use the Facebook Pages Manager to post updates and photos, respond to comments, and view and reply to messages sent to your Page. You might also find that in addition to being a quick solution to keeping up with your Pages, the app is even cleaner than the desktop version, making management a breeze.


3. Flipboard (iOS/Android)



Technology changes by the second, and keeping up to date is part of the job when it comes to online marketing. Flipboard is an elegant and easy way to stay informed with the latest news across virtually any topic, with all the best content delivered to you in a magazine-like format that’s easy to read and fun to share. Even better, the app integrates with your social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter to make reading the news a more social experience.


4. Evernote (iOS/Android)



Evernote is for all those times you forgot a brilliant idea and spent hours trying to jog your memory just to remember only a portion of it. This simple app allows you to capture your notes on the go and syncs your ideas across your all your devices. It even lets you search for past ideas by keyword, tag or even text inside images you’ve attached!


5. HootSuite (iOS/Android)



With over 6 million users, HootSuite is a widely considered one of the top social media management systems available on the web. Through its mobile app, the HootSuite team brings the powerful functionality of its desktop tool directly to your phone or tablet, allowing you to take control of your social networks wherever you go.


6. CloudOn (iOS/Android)



The ubiquity of Microsoft Office means that no matter which line of work you’re in, you’ll most likely have to open or edit a Word, Powerpoint, or Excel document at some point. With CloudOn, full versions of these popular Office applications are available on your mobile devices, free of charge. Even better, the app works with your favorite cloud storage system, like Google Drive or Dropbox, to save and sync all of your work instantly.


7. Do (iOS/Android)



Do, by Salesforce, is a free task management tool that lets you manage your to-do list and collaborate on projects with other team members. The app is clean and simple to use, and even allows you to leave comments and attach documents and photos directly to your tasks.


8. Pic Collage (iOS/Android)


Pic Collage

Pic Collage is one of the best applications for creating and sharing images on the go. With a whole host of free features and design templates, users can easily edit and arrange images into creative frames and make unique photo collages that are sure to stand out anywhere you share them.


Other Great Apps

Dropbox (iOS/Android)

Dropbox boasts over 100 million users, making it the most popular cloud storage service on the market. It also remains the simplest and cleanest solution to storing and sharing all of your documents and provides the most flexibility with the types of files you store. If you’re not a fan of Google Drive’s integration with Google Docs—which opens all of your Office documents on its browser-based editor—then Dropbox is for you.

Sprout Social (iOS/Android)

Here at Idea Sprouts, we’re big fans of Sprout Social. This powerful social media management tool is likely the one you’ll use the most to keep up with all your social media accounts and brand pages. The mobile app is beautifully designed and packs all of the great features you’d find on its desktop site.

Social Networks

Finally, let’s not forget that nearly all of the major social media networks provide apps for mobile devices. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr and Instagram have each created great mobile experiences that you might even find easier to use than their desktop equivalent.


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