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Pinterest Success Story: 28% of Our Social Media Leads via Pinterest

Posted by Allison Semancik

Pinterest Success Story 0I’ve written before about how Pinterest is a viable social media network for your business and I’ve even given you 5 reasons why your business should be using Pinterest.

Perhaps you’ve thought of using Pinterest but found it was too much work to add yet another task to your social media duties. Well I’m hoping this post will open your eyes up to the potential of Pinterest.

Pinterest Success Story: How Idea Sprouts Uses Pinterest

I’ve been excited about Pinterest since I started using it. As a user, I like to search for recipes, products and infographics (for marketing). It’s so simple to find things and very easy on the eyes. I can’t help but spend more time using it than I first intended. And, clearly I’m not the only one who gets sucked into using Pinterest.

Since I do use Pinterest for personal use, it was easy for me to understand what types of images people want to see. When I sat down to create a Pinterest plan for Idea Sprouts, I focused on creating images that were “pinnable”. That means images that are colorful, informative, instructional and/or fun.  

In addition to creating a unique image for every new blog post, over the past few months, the Idea Sprouts team has been going over past blog posts to create original images. The goal was to get more people to share our images that will in turn drive more traffic to the website and ultimately increase leads.

Was the work worth the effort? Absolutely!

Below is a screenshot of the social media traffic sources to the Idea Sprouts website. They are listed in order of traffic amount – so Facebook drives the most traffic, Twitter second and Pinterest the third most traffic.

Pinterest Success Story 

As you can see – out of all of my social media sources of traffic, Pinterest traffic has the highest traffic-to-lead conversion. I didn't share the actual number of leads because I do want to keep some things private :-) But I can tell you that when I tally up all of my social media leads (from day 1 of my website), a whopping 28% of them are from Pinterest

I’ve been so impressed with the results that I’m working on more ways to integrate Pinterest into our marketing plan.

Here are a few significant points to note:

  1. Many people believe that Pinterest isn’t right for their business because they don’t sell clothing or have recipes. Since Idea Sprouts is a marketing agency, clearly we do not have beautiful photos of food to share.

    Businesses should be aware that you can share what your target market is looking for on Pinterest. That may mean creating infographics or just simple images with tips.

  2. I’ve only been using Pinterest for business purposes for less than a year. And I only seriously put some effort into it for the past 5 months. In comparison, I’ve used Facebook and Twitter for 3 years and still do not get the same conversion for leads.

    And Idea Sprouts isn’t alone. Research has shown that Pinterest traffic results in more sales on websites that traffic from other social media networks.

    I am excited at the prospect of even better results the longer that I use Pinterest. 

  3. The Idea Sprouts Pinterest page still doesn’t have a ton of followers. It is something I intend to focus on in the upcoming months, but it shows that you don’t need to have a lot of followers to see great results – which is encouraging to small businesses who worry that they need to get more followers.

How You Can Use Pinterest for Your Business

If you are on the fence about using Pinterest for your business, this may be the proof you needed to get started.  Or at least do a little research to see if your target market is using Pinterest.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind if you decide to launch a Pinterest initiative:

  1. Be sure you track the results of your Pinterest efforts. That means tracking on your website and using Pinterest’s new analytics. Use a good analytics program to see how much traffic you are receiving on your website and how much of that is converting into leads and sales. For details on Pinterest’s analytics, read my blog post to learn about the features of Pinterest for business
  2. You can have fun on Pinterest. Here’s your chance to be creative. I recently read how Mr. Rooter, a plumbing company, is using Pinterest to build awareness. They share photos of a plastic Mr. Rooter around the world. If a plumbing company can use Pinterest creatively, I’m willing to bet that your company can as well!

  3. Use a business account on Pinterest. There are both personal and business accounts and you want to use a business account to take advantage of the features it offers. If you have a personal account and want to switch it to a business account, Pinterest does offer a way to convert. Here are my instructions for converting a Pinterest personal account into a business account.

If you’d like some guidance with creating your Pinterest plan, set up a 1 hour coaching session with me. I can give you direction and answer your questions so you can set out on the right foot. You can start with a free consultation to see how I can help.

So dear readers, are you ready to give it a try? Or put more effort into Pinterest? Let me know how your Pinterest efforts have been going in the comments below. 


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