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74 Awesome Facebook Marketing Resources

Posted by Allison Semancik

Facebook Marketing Resources 0Keeping track of all that goes into creating and managing a Facebook marketing campaign can be quite a daunting task, especially considering the frequent policy changes and updates made to the site. Fortunately, there's plenty of helpful information around the web (and right here on our site) that can help guide you through the process.

Even better, you don't have to go out and find these resources on your own. Below, we've highlighted 74 of the top Facebook marketing resources out there for anyone either starting their own marketing campaign for the first time or someone already experienced in managing a company Page. 

We hope these resources help you with your Facebook marketing efforts. If they do, please share this list with anyone else that might need some additional guidance.

Now, without further ado--and in no particular order--our top 74 Facebook marketing resources:


Facebook Marketing Resources 1

You need to have good content to share with your Facebook fans. That includes news topics that interest them and photos that will have them clicking Like and Share. Here are some great resources for finding blog posts, news stories and photos as well as some tools to help you edit images to customize them for your business.

Latest News

1. Alltop

2. Google News

3. Daily Infographic

Photo Resources

4. Photo Pin

5. MorgueFile

6. Flickr Creative Commons

7. Clker

Photo Editing

8. Pic Monkey

9. Pagemodo

10. GIMP

11. Splashup



describe the image

It can be exhausting trying to keep up to date with Facebook changes. Luckily there are many people who keep on top of the changes and tell everyone else about them. Below are websites to keep an eye on and a slew of helpful Facebook Pages that you should Like. 

Blogs and Helpful Sites

12. Mari Smith

13. Social Media Examiner

14. Amy Porterfield

15. AllFacebook

16. Inside Facebook

17. Mashable

18. Social Media Explorer 

19. Hugh Briss

20. Jon Loomer  

Facebook Pages to Like

21. Facebook Marketing

22. Mari Smith

23. Social Media Today

24. Social Media Examiner

25. GroSocial

26. Amy Porterfield

27. Marveo

28. Kimberly Castleberry

29. Likeable Media

30. ShortStack 

31. Social Media Explorer



Facebook Marketing Resources 3

eBooks & Training Programs

If you want to delve deeper into Facebook marketing, check out the following ebooks and training programs. If you really want to get an education in Facebook marketing, FB Influence has over 8 hours of training videos that will show you everything from A-Z.

32. 50 Facebook Marketing Ideas

33. HubSpot's "How to Use Facebook for Business"

34. U Stand Out on Facebook

35. FB Influence

Idea Sprouts Resources

The Idea Sprouts blog is chock full of step-by-step guides to help you with online marketing. Below are some of the best ones for Facebook marketing.

36. Guide to Creating a Username for Facebook Pages

37. Guide to Creating a Facebook Business Page

38. Guide to Getting Recommendations on Facebook

39. Guide to Creating CTAs with Timeline Apps

40. Facebook Posting Schedule

41. Image-Sizing Cheat Sheet

42. How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

43. Guide for Creating Facebook Offers



Facebook Marketing Resources 4

There are so many options when it comes to Facebook tools. But here are some of the most popular and unique tools I've found. The majority of these have been personally tested by me and most of them are ones I use on a weekly basis.

Social Media Management Tools

These are tools that manage not only Facebook, but most of your social media accounts including Twitter and LinkedIn. To really get value from your time spent using social media for business, I highly recommend using one of these tools.

44. HootSuite

45. Sprout Social

46. Sendible

47. Postling

48. CrowdBooster

49. Viral Heat

Facebook Apps

These Facebook apps refer to the apps you can add to your Facebook Page. Most of the ones listed below are suites of apps - you sign up for the service and get access to all types of apps like coupons, sweepstakes and custom HTML. 

50. WooBox

51. Wildfire

52. Involver

53. SocialAppsHQ

54. NorthSocial

55. AgoraPulse

56. GroSocial

57. ShortStack

Research and Analytics

When you are looking to get more data on your Facebook Page (beyond what Facebook Insights gives you), turn to one of these services.

58. Pagelever

59. SocialBakers

60. TwentyFeet

61. Wildfire Monitor

Mobile Apps

To help you with Facebook marketing on the go, these are our favorite mobile apps. 

62. Pic Collage

63. Facebook Pages Manager

64. Buffer

Facebook and Your Website

Facebook really wants to integrate with your website. How much you integrate it with Facebook is up to you. At the minimum, be sure to have social media sharing buttons on blog posts so people can easily share your posts to Facebook. In addition, make it easy for people to see how they can Like your Facebook Page. Those listed below with an asterisk are for Wordpress websites. 

65. Optin Skin*

66. Slick Social Sharing Buttons*

67. Digg Digg*

68. Facebook Comment Box

69. Like Box

Facebook and Email

Email is not dead! But you can update your email newsletters by tying in Facebook features. Below are a few email marketing services that add in nice Facebook features to help boost email response and Facebook Likes. And Wisestamp is a cool email signature that you can customize to include links to your Facebook Page and even your latest Facebook post. 

70. Constant Contact

71. iContact

72. MailChimp

73. GetResponse

74. WiseStamp

Now it's your turn. Do you have a favorite Facebook marketing resource that we missed? Please share it below.

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