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How to Set up a Facebook Ad Campaign to Get More Likes

Posted by Allison Semancik

describe the imageAs Facebook continues to push their advertising platform, I see more and more businesses creating ads in an effort to get more Likes.

I'm happy that marketing professionals and business owners are eager to try out Facebook Ads, but I also see a lot of very costly mistakes.

And businesses aren't to blame. Even with new changes in an attempt to simplify it, Facebook Ads are a bit confusing to set up.

In addition, a lot of Facebook Page owners are seeing a "Get More Likes" box at the top of their page as seen below. It's another way for Facebook to get you to quickly set up a campaign for a small budget.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 1

But I find that these suggestions are not always the best use of your budget.

Better Use of Your Facebook Ad Budget

For my clients, I've run campaigns to help Facebook Pages reach upwards of 30,000 and 40,000 targeted Likes. These campaigns were optimized to get the lowest cost per Like, so I've learned a thing or two about how to create the most cost effective Facebook Ad campaigns for increasing Likes.

In this monster of a blog post, I will walk you step by step on how to set up a Facebook Ad campaign to get more likes. This will give you a good foundation for getting started, but be warned that this is not a "set it and forget it" type of deal. You are spending real money here, so you want to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your campaign.

So let's get started!

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign to Get More Likes

1. Create an Ad

There are several places you can click while in Facebook to get started creating an ad. Here's a direct link to Create an Ad.

2. Choose a Destination

You'll see options to send traffic to an external URL or choose a Page that you manage. Select the Page you want to get more likes on.

get more likes facebook campaign resized 600

3. Select "Get More Likes"

This is part of Facebook's simplification of the ad platform. They made it easier for you to see which kind of ad you want to run depending on your goals. Choose "Get More Likes".

get more likes facebook ad campaign 2 resized 600

4. Create Your Ad

Here's where some creativity comes into play. You need to decide on a headline, ad text and an image for your ad. You don't have a lot of space to do this, so you have to keep your message short and sweet. I can't go into every detail on how to write a winning ad here (it will have to be another blog post for sure!) but here are some tips:

  • Use an image that will catch people's attention. If you are going to use a person, make sure it's close up. These images are a tiny 100x72 and they need to compete with everything else that is on Facebook. Be sure to have an image that doesn't fade into the background and consider using an image that has text (just be sure it's legible at a small size).
  • In the past, the headline was your Page name. Now you have some flexibility, even though it's only 25 characters. What can people expect on your Page? What interests them? Use that in the headline. For example, a resort in the mountains of North Carolina might use "Mountain Vacations" or "Escape to NC". 
  • The body of the ad is 90 characters, shorter than a tweet! Make a brief statement and ask people to click Like. 

get more likes facebook ad campaign 3 resized 600

5. Choose a Landing View

When people click on your ad, you can decide where you want them to land on your Page. I highly suggest you set up a landing page that encourages them to click Like as opposed to sending them to the Timeline. It gives you a chance to tell people about your page, make a good impression and ask for the Like. On top of it, it will result in more likes per clicks so you're wisely spending your budget.

The Idea Sprouts Page has this set up and once people click Like, they are directed to a page that offers them a free download of my ebook 50 Facebook Marketing Ideas. So in addition to building Likes with ads, we are also building leads. Double win!

For more information on setting up a Facebook tab like this, read more about creating a custom tab and learn about free apps you can use to create a tab.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 4 resized 600

6. Remove Sponsored Stories

Facebook sneaks Sponsored Stories, another type of ad, into your campaign set up. While I have nothing against Sponsored Stories, I prefer to run them separately from a "Get More Likes" campaign. Click Remove - it's to the right of Sponsored Stories as shown below.

get more likes facebook campaign 5 resized 600

7. Select Location, Age and Gender

Here's where you really get to zero in on who is going to see this ad. Are you a local business who only wants to target people within a certain area? Do you only sell to women between the ages of 18 and 45?

You can narrow in as much as you want, but be careful here. If you are too narrow, you won't have enough people seeing your ad and then you won't get any likes. You may need to broaden by adding more area or ages.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 6 resized 600

get more likes facebook ad campaign 7 resized 600

8. Precise Interests

The Precise Interests section gives you the opportunity to type in your own terms of the interests of your target market. As you type them, you'll see that a drop box will appear with suggestions. Select the appropriate ones from the list. As you see below, when I type in Marketing, I have a lot of suggestions, but only some are truly related to Marketing.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 8 resized 600

9. Suggested Interests

Once you type in at least one precise interest, Facebook will list suggestions for you. These may or may not be good categories for you to select, but take a look and select ones that work for your target market.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 9 resized 600

10. Broad Categories

Just as the name implies, these are broad categories of people with similar interests. Search through the categories to see if any fit your target audience and select them if you see them.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 10 resized 600

11. Connections

It should default to show ads only to people not connected to your Page and that's exactly what you want to select.

get more likes facebook ad campaign

12. Advanced Targeting Options

Click the down arrow to see more targeting options for you to select. This is especially important if you are targeting other countries but want the users to speak your language. For example, you may want to target people in Europe, but only English speakers.

Bonus tip: If you are trying to target people at certain organizations, you can enter their workplaces here. For instance - do you have an upcoming event you are promoting? Consider targeting people at media outlets that would be interested in covering your event.

get more likes facebook ad campaign

13. Choose Campaign and Budget

Use a campaign name that will help you remember what the ad is about. That way, when you are looking at reports, you'll quickly know what image was in the ad and who was targeted in the ad.

Obviously the budget you choose depends on your overall budget. I like to use a daily budget and run my campaign continuously. If you decide to do the same, remember to check on it daily so you can see if your ad is a hit or it bombs.
Stop a poorly performing ad before it wastes too much money. But give it at least a few days of running to see if it really is a winner or loser.

get more likes facebook ad campaign 13 resized 600

14. Review Your Ad

Click Review Ad so you can make sure everything is to your liking. Once you are satisfied, click Place Order and you've set up your first ad. Congrats!

Your ad may not start running for awhile, in some cases, I've waited as long as a day. Keep this in mind if you have a start date in mind.

Final Thoughts

Your first ad may bomb. Your second ad may bomb. And maybe even your third. But with some testing (different headlines, images, ad text, target market, etc) you can find your sweet spot. And once you do, you'll start seeing the Likes coming in at a great cost per Like. 

Have you run a Facebook Ad campaign to get more likes? Did you consider it a success? 

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