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10 Things People Love to See on Your Website

Posted by Allison Semancik

heartHave you ever had someone tell you that they love your website? If yes, lucky you! It feels great to know that people admire your "face" on the internet.

If not, perhaps you are missing some of the most lovable features of a good website. Features that make your website visitors happy and bring you more traffic, leads and sales.

Fear not, a lot of  these features are simple additions that you can easily add to your website. But if you are missing a lot of the good stuff, it may be time for a website redesign.  Read on for the 10 things people love to see on your website.

10 Things People Love to See on Your Website

1. You!

When I get to a website, I like to check out the About page to learn more about the people behind the company. It really puts a face to the business and makes it more personal. People like to do business with people - not faceless companies.

Be sure to have photos and short bios of important people at your company and include a team photo too.

2. Blog

I can go on and on about how vital a blog is to the online success of your business, but if you aren't convinced, learn about the reasons your business should be blogging.

A blog is a great way for people to learn more about what you know - how smart you are and how well you know your industry.


3. Social Media

People want to Like you on Facebook and follow you on other social media sites, so make it easy for them! Be sure to have icons to let people connect with you. In addition, have share buttons for your blog posts so they can share the great content you create.

4. Case Studies

It's so much more REAL to read about a case study or an example of someone who has had success with your product or service. People can relate with the problems and envision your solution working for them.

Ask your customers for testimonials or get more involved with a case study. It's something on my 2013 to do list, so expect to find them soon here on the Idea Sprouts' website!

5. Freebies

Who doesn't love something for nothing? Website visitors are more than willing to give you their contact information for a good offer - ebook, webinar, videos, etc.

Tip: Make sure you have an offer for the different types of website visitors you get to entice each type of visitor.

6. Infographics


Infographics are so hot - people love looking at these colorful graphics filled with great information. They bring big boosts in traffic and lots of social media shares.

Start paying attention to infographics and brainstorm what kind of infographics can be created for your website. We just launched our first infographic last week with our Facebook Image Size Cheat Sheet.

7. Videos

Videos entertain, inform and engage website visitors and we love them. Add videos to your blog posts, case studies and other important pages on your website. You can easily create videos by just recording yourself or other employees.

Or hire someone to create a video that gives an overview of your business. I am huge fan of using Elance to find qualified contractors for projects like this. You post your project specifications and talented video creators bid on your project. You can look at their portfolios and ask questions before deciding on a winner.

8. Images

Website visitors will be happier with images on your website pages. They help guide our eyes down a page and they break up all that text. In addition, they can help tell a story quickly without a lot of text.

9. Good Navigation

How many times have you heard someone comment on a particularly difficult-to-navigate website? Probably a lot. It's one of those things that drive us crazy. We don't have 10 extra seconds to search on a website for something - geez!

All kidding aside, good navigation is one of those things people love about websites. It makes their lives easier and as a business owner, it helps improve traffic, leads and sales.

10. Clean Layout

Clean, organized and clutter-free.

We love websites that aren't bogged down with tons of images, text, videos and directions. Keep it simple! Even though I list videos and images above as important parts of your website - too much can be a bad thing.

With a few simple tweaks, you really can have a website that people love.

What else do you think makes a good website? Please comment below!

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