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5 Quick-to-Implement Facebook Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Posted by Allison Semancik

facebook marketing ideas for the holidaysThe holiday shopping season is upon us! If you haven't had time to plan a big holiday marketing campaign, I have good news for you.

Facebook is a great place to quickly implement marketing campaigns. As Facebook continues to grow (and look for a way to profit), it expands its marketing tools for business owners.

Even if you already have your holiday marketing plan in place, you can easily supplement your plan with one of these marketing tools.

1. Create a Facebook Offer

A Facebook Offer is a simple way to offer a discount or other special offer to your Facebook fans. When someone takes advantage of your Offer, it is shown to their friends and can generate more interest in your business.

They are quick to set up and you control the type of discount, how many people can take advantage of it and when it expires. Read my step by step guide to creating Facebook Offers to learn how to set one up for your business. 

2. Use Facebook Advertising

There are so many options for running ads on Facebook that you might not realize the opportunities you have. Do you want to get more likes? Bring awareness to a special offer? Advertise to get people back to your website? In the image below, you'll see three different ways to advertise - and this is just using one Facebook Ads product.

holiday marketing on facebook

I've outlined all of your options for Facebook Ads so you can understand which one will work best for your marketing campaign. 

3. Create a Facebook Check In Deal

If you have a physical location for your business that customers visit, why not offer a check in deal? Like a Facebook Offer, you can create a special that people can get if they "check in" at your location using Facebook mobile.

When someone checks in at your location, all of their friends will see their check in, again increasing awareness of your business. Be sure to tell employees to encourage people to check in to take advantage of the offer. Or, if you have a busy location, put up signs.

To learn more about check in deals, visit Facebook

In addition to the products that Facebook offers to businesses, you can always turn to 3rd party apps to create marketing campaigns.

4. Have a Giveaway

This one might be difficult to pull off quickly, but if you have some time to dedicate to it and you make your giveaway simple, you can do it. It's important to know that if you run a contest or giveaway on Facebook, you must use an authorized 3rd party app to do it. I've written up tips on how to host a successful giveaway on Facebook.  

5. Add a Coupon

With a 3rd party app, you can add your own coupon without going the route of the Facebook Offer. There are few apps that you can even use for free. Here are some of my favorite free Facebook apps.  

And one final idea.

If you are short on time or can't come up with new Facebook marketing ideas, try sharing more photos. Photos get the most comments, likes and shares. So get creative. Start sharing more photos related to your business and even ones that are just funny or inspirational.

Do you have any holiday marketing campaigns planned? Does Facebook play a role?

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