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7 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Blog

Posted by Allison Semancik

7 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your BlogOne of my goals for 2012 was to start adding more videos to the Idea Sprouts YouTube Channel and to the blog.

I am the first to admit, that I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted, but I do know that it's something I should do more of and you should too. Here's why.

Why Video Content is Important for Your Business

You add a new dimension to your blog.   Visitors are no longer just reading your words, they are now seeing you and hearing your voice.  It is one more way to build a connection with your blog readers. 
Your videos can be posted on video sharing sites like YouTube.  When you post your videos on these sites, you'll have the chance to link back to your website.  If someone finds your video helpful, they will be inclined to click back to your site to see what other wisdom you can share. Videos are personal. People get to meet you, hear you and see you. In your first few videos, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but you'll quickly improve. So just get started and keep on producing videos!

Here are some ideas of videos you can make for your website.

7 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Blog

1. "How To" 

There are videos showing you how to do virtually everything! I've used videos to learn how to change the wiper blades on my car, curl my hair with a flat iron (not as easy as it looks!) and to make chocolate mousse. I think "how to" videos can be created successfully for all types of businesses. What does your target market need to know "how to do"?

2. Screen Capture

Give a tutorial on how to use software - people are always searching for videos like this. I found a great web designer this way. She posted a video on how to use Wordpress and I was impressed with her knowledge.

Of course, you can also use screen capture software just to talk viewers through a quick PowerPoint you make to explain something.

You just need a screen capture software like Camtasia and a headset to get started.

3. Interviews

If you are at a conference and have the opportunity to meet some interesting people, ask them for a quick interview. You never know what kinds of tips will come up and your blog readers will appreciate hearing something from someone new.

4. Pearls of wisdom

Think of a video as a blog post. For example, I created "3 reasons you should have an email newsletter" as one of my first videos. You can even ask your customers and prospects for questions and answer them in video format. So simple!

5. Announcements

Announce upcoming events or webinars in a video to encourage people to sign up. Again, written word is great, but hearing why someone should attend your event straight from your mouth is very powerful.

6. Comedy

Make a fun video that shows your playful side. Hubspot is especially good at creating videos that their fans enjoy to watch. Get your co-workers involved to have even more fun.

7. Customer testimonials

Let your customers talk about their experience with your product or service. You can see why these are very powerful - potential customers want to know what they can expect from working with you.

Of course there are many other types of videos you can create, but these ones are pretty simple and quick to create.  If you have more video expertise and creativity, take a stab at a more complex video.  

Some Tips to Get You Started

There are many video sharing sites out there and many specialize in certain types of videos (for example instructional videos only) and some do not allow commercial videos.  Make sure you do your research on how you can use the video sharing site so you do not violate any rules.  

Once you have a video on YouTube, be sure to promote it. This article from Problogger gives you 14 tips on promoting your video to get more views

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