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3 Reasons You Need Both Email Marketing and Social Media

Posted by Allison Semancik

With so much attentemail marketing and social mediaion placed on social media, many businesses wonder if email marketing is still important. I often get asked:

"Is email marketing still worth my time or should I dedicate more time to social media marketing now?"

Now, if you ask this question to a bunch of online marketers, you're going to get a bunch of different answers.

Some people will say you should forget email and focus your efforts on Facebook. Others will say that Instagram and Pinterest are the best place for your business. And there will be some people who say that email marketing is even more important than social media.

My response to you is that you need to address all the preferences of your diverse audience. That means some people will prefer email and some will prefer social media. But even if they prefer social media, email will, a lot of the times, be the winner when it comes to creating sales.

3 Reasons You Need Both Email Marketing and Social Media

1. Some People Prefer Email

Depending on your audience, some people will prefer to receive your messages via social media while others will prefer to receive them via email. We need to remember that not everyone is social media savvy or even interested in being on Facebook and Twitter. Those people still prefer to receive emails.

Personally, if I really like a company and want to hear what they say (examples for me: Inc., J. Crew and Food Network), I look forward to receiving their emails and I almost always open them.

2. Emails Can Be Tailored for Your Audience

With email marketing, you can segment your audience into different groups that can receive completely different messages.  For example, a nonprofit will want to send a different message to its donors as opposed to a message it sends to its volunteers.  It's not realistic to think that your business only has one audience that are all interested in the same topics.  With email, you can have newsletters or updates that go to each segment of your audience.  

With Food Network, I prefer to receive daily recipe emails instead of emails with information about the shows.  Someone else may just want to know about the shows.  So it's important to give your audience options to receive the content they want to read.

3. Opt for Email Marketing to Ensure Your Message is Seen

Your fans on Facebook may not be looking at Facebook 3 times a day - or even once a day.  So it's very easy for them to miss your message.  You can ensure that your message gets sent to them when you use email marketing.  There is no guarantee that they open the email (that's another discussion!) but you can be 99% sure it arrives into their inbox. 

Marketing Takeaway

It's important to remember that there are many ways to reach your audience and you shouldn't just focus on one avenue.  Having a good mix of marketing techniques will provide the best results.

Why else is email marketing a good method to reach your audience?  Share your thoughts below.

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