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7 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Posted by Allison Semancik

Get More Pinterest Followers 1When you first begin using a social media network, it can be a little lonely when you don’t have many followers.

Pinterest is no different. It's not much fun to have all those beautiful boards and no one to see them.  

So the big question becomes, "How do I get more followers?"

My method is to do a bit of promotion along with creating a Pinterest page that is worthy of following.

7 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

1. Use Pinteresting images

People are using Pinterest because they are drawn to the amazing array of images. So if you have interesting images on your boards, there is more of a chance that your pins will be repinned and people will want to follow you because of the great pins you are sharing.

This will take some thoughtfulness on your part, but let's get those creative juices flowing. What kind of images related to your business can be interesting and beautiful? What kind of images are being pinned by your ideal target market? Create or find those images and pin away!

2. Follow your target market

Your best Pinterest followers will be people who are in your target market. So why not search for them on Pinterest and follow them? If they see that your products/services relate to them, they may follow you back.

To search on Pinterest, enter a keyword related to your target market in the top left. Once the results are listed, then you can view either pins, boards or people related to that keyword, as shown below when I searched for Miami.

Get more Pinterest followers

3. Be social

It's easy to get on Pinterest, add some pins and repin a bunch of others, but that's not very social is it? By engaging with other Pinterest users, you'll be seen by more eyeballs and in turn people will be more likely to check out your Pinterest profile and follow you. Be sure to like others' pins, leave comments and mention people in your comments or pin descriptions by using the @ sign.

4. Promote on your website

Add a Pinterest follow button to your website. You can download a follow button from Pinterest or if you are on Wordpress, try this widget for adding follow buttons for all social media networks to your sidebar.

Include a Pin It button on blog articles. Again, look to Pinterest for the Pin It button or use a Wordpress plugin.

That's just the beginning! If you really want to build up your Pinterest followers, add blog posts related to Pinterest and encourage people to follow you. This is exactly what AmeriFirst Home Mortgage has done and it's working out nicely for them. Here's a great example of an article on their blog directing people to Pinterest.

5. Use social media

Facebook app maker Woobox has an app that adds your Pinterest boards to a tab. I have it on the Idea Sprouts Facebook Page if you want to take a look at it. Install the app from Woobox (it's free).

When you set up a business account on Pinterest, you should set it up to connect with your business Twitter account. Then you can choose to tweet a pin after you've created it.

6. Send an email

Send an email to your list telling them you are on Pinterest and give them a good reason to follow you. Let them know what types of pins you're sharing and consider having a contest to get them to follow you. Which leads me to . . .

7. Have a Contest

A Pinterest contest is a surefire way to get Pinterest followers. If you put some thought into your Pinterest contest, you can even build your email list or increase Facebook likes by making that a requirement for entering the contest. From the Pinterest contests I've seen so far, the prizes aren't too big in value - you could give something away for about $250 and still get people interested.

Remember that growing a social media following takes time, but the effort can be worthwhile. With a little planning and some patience, you'll see your Pinterest followers increase.

Are you using Pinterest for business yet? What are your tips for gaining more followers?

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