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5 Simple Ways to Reuse Your Blog Content

Posted by Allison Semancik

You spend a lot of time crreuse blog contenteating great blog posts and once it's posted, you forget about it, right? Nope!

That content is ripe for reusing and you shouldn't let it go to waste. Here are 5 simple ways to reuse your blog content.

5 Simple Ways to Reuse Your Blog Content

1. Expand a Point into Another Blog Article.

Look at your past articles and see if you touched on a point that has room for expansion. I'm sure you can easily find examples in every article you've written. In fact, a lot of times while I'm writing an article, I make a note if I think a topic can be a stand-alone post.

2. Write a "Best of" Post.

If you've written many articles on the same topic, find a way to write one article that points to them all. Perhaps a "best of" list or "resources" post. I wrote "Resources for a Successful Blog for Your Business" that led readers step by step to my past posts on blogging tips for businesses.

People loved it because it serves as a directory to my past articles on a topic they are interested in.

3. Create an Ebook.

If your blog readers are enjoying the information you provide them with in your blog, take your best content and turn it into a free whitepaper or ebook. If you require people to give you their email address in order to get the free ebook, you can use that free offer to generate leads.

4. Make a Video.

Film yourself talking about the topic, do a screencast or interview someone about the topic. This can be made into a new blog post with the video in it. Bonus: having a video on YouTube and other video sharing sites can get you more traffic back to your website.

Here are my tips for using video on your blog.

5. Do a Webinar.

If have a blog topic that is really resonating with your readers, consider turning it into a free webinar. A webinar gives you the opportunity to dig deeper into the topic. And again, it's a wonderful way to nurture your leads and build that relationship with your readers.

If you spend a little bit of time looking at your past articles, I'm sure you can find ways to reuse that content. Not only will you get that valuable content in front of more people, you have the opportunity to generate more leads.

How do you reuse your blog posts?

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