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Brand-Related Topics Increase Engagement on Facebook Pages

Posted by Allison Semancik

Facebook recentlyboost facebook engagement released the findings from a study they did on what drives engagement on Facebook pages.

In the study, they examined the posts from 23 brands to see which types of posts garnered the most likes, shares and comments.

The findings from Facebook are very clear. Brand-related posts get the most engagement. Here are the details on what posts work best for your Facebook marketing ideas.

To increase engagment on Facebook Pages, try the following:

  • To generate shares, you should post about topics related to your brand/business. Photos and videos will get more shares.
  • To generate likes, you should post about topics related to your brand/business. You should also include a clear call to action, such as "Click like if . . ."
  • To generate comments, then post topics related to the brand/business and ask a question.

You'll notice one common thread in all of the suggestions: post topics related to your brand.

The study shows that brands got the most engagement when they posted about topics related to their brand/business.  

For instance, if your business is a yoga studio, post topics related to yoga, such as "Fill in the blank. I am committed to yoga because ___."

This is opposed to random, unrelated topics to the business (for example, "How is your Friday going?") and topics about the brand ("Check out our latest product!")

People Like Your Facebook Page Because They Are Interested in Your Industry

The results of this study aren't surprising, but it does give proof of what works for engagement on Facebook and what doesn't work.

If you stick to topics related to your brand/business, fans are going to be interested because they are interested in your industry.

If you are looking for ideas on what to post on your Facebook Page, download my free ebook "50 Facebook Marketing Ideas".

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