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How to Claim Your Blog Authorship on Google

Posted by Allison Semancik

Have you noticed that when you do a Google search, some listings have a little picture of a person next to the link?

Picture next to listingThis is one of the coolest features of Google+ - that you can link your articles to your Google+ profile.

Benefits of Showing Your Face

1. Your articles stand out from other search engine listings. At least for now. I'm sure as more people claim their authorship, this will change. But for now, you have the opportunity to get your article to stand out from others on the page. Which could lead to more clicks . . . more leads . . . more sales.

2. People can easily connect with you on Google+. Next to your photo, you'll see that my name is hyperlinked. That link goes to my Google+ profile.

Hyperlinked name

3. Your other articles are a click away. The "More by" link gives you more articles from me related to the keyword that was originally searched.

Can you see how powerful claiming your blog authorship can be? So here's what you need to do to claim authorship of your posts.

How to Claim Your Blog Authorship on Google

This guide assumes that you've already created a Google+ account. If you haven't done that yet, check it off your list and create a Google+ account now.

In order to prove that you are the author of blog posts, you need to create a link on each blog post to your Google+ profile and you need to create a link on your Google+ profile back to your blog. That's how Google checks that you are the real deal.

1. Create a Link to Your Google+ Profile on Every Blog Post.

I simply did this by adding the Google+ badge to my blog sidebar.

You can get the HTML for a badge or just the G+ logo button from Google Developers here.

If you don't want the badge or logo, you can just include a link to your Google+ profile somewhere in each article you write. Use the code below and replace the long digits of my profile with the digits from your Google+ profile:

Adding Google to blogs

2. Create a Link to Your Blog on Your Google+ Profile.

Head over to your Google+ profile and click on Edit Profile. Scroll down and near the bottom, you'll see "Contributor To"  section. This is where you want to add your blog or blogs you contribute to on a regular basis.

Here's how it looks on my Google+ profile:

Contributor To

Multi-Author Blogs

The method I outlined above will work if you are writing on a single author blog. But if you write for a multi-author blog, you'll need a different tactic.

Google requires you to include your email address on each blog article and have that email address listed in your Google+ profile.

Since this is a little more complex, I'm going to refer you to the experts. You can follow these instructions from Google.

Marketing Takeaway

We are all looking for ways to rank higher in search engine listings and get more clicks. This is one simple way we can do something to stand out on Google and make a mark.

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