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6 Quick Tips for Making Your Blog Posts More Readable

Posted by Allison Semancik

Often, when people beginMaking Blog Posts more readable blogging, they write the way they were taught to write while in school. And that's okay - we all do it.

But when you begin writing for a blog, a lot of the rules that we learned go out the door.

Large chunks of text look daunting on a screen and many people will leave your article before reading the whole thing.

The trick to successful blog articles is to get readers eyes moving down the page. Thankfully, there are techniques you can implement in order to get them through your entire article.

Tips for Making Your Blog Posts More Readable

1. Bullet Points and Numbers:

We tend to scan instead of read, so give readers quick and concise points that they can easily find in your blog post. Even if they don't read your entire post, they can at least grab your most important points.

2. Bold:

Naturally, our eyes are going to focus on text that is bolded. Don't go overboard with bolding, but do use it for very important words or sentences that you want readers to focus on.

3. Sub headings:

Again, our eyes will be drawn to this larger text.  When looking at just the sub-headings in an article, you should be able to decipher all the main points of the article. It's a very quick overview of the complete article, of course, but that should help you decide what to put in a sub heading.

I suggest looking at blog articles on Copyblogger and Problogger for ideas on how they use sub headings.

4. Images:

We love photos and images! It gives us something pretty to look at instead of all that black and white. Use images that compel people to start reading your article or continue reading it.

5. Whitespace:

You shouldn't feel like you need to fill every bit of your article with text and images. Give the post some space to breath. Our eyes are happier when they have whitespace to rest on between paragraphs and images.

6. Shorter paragraphs:

One thing you'll notice when you start reading blogs is that the paragraphs are much shorter than we were taught to write in school.

Sometimes paragraphs are only one sentence.

Shorter paragraphs give the perception that there is less to read and one sentence paragraphs create emphasis.

Try implementing these techniques in your articles and I'm sure you'll find that you get more people subscribing to your blog. When it's easier to read, they want to read more!

Are there any other tips you recommend for making a blog post more readable? Please share below.

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