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Patience is a Virtue When It Comes to Online Marketing

Posted by Allison Semancik

Patience is a virtue.patience is a virtue in online marketing

We’ve all been taught it (and I was constantly reminded of it by my dad when I was growing up) but when it comes to business, patience doesn’t appear to be a virtue. We expect to see results now. Perhaps even yesterday.

I’m here to tell you that with marketing, a pinch of patience will make all the difference.

When you set yourself up to expect results right away, you’ll give up too quickly when the results don’t appear fast enough.

On the other hand, if you start out with the mindset that it will take time to see results (and you accept that fact) you’ll stick with it for the long haul.

A lot of the online marketing that I prescribe for my clients does take time to show results.  Blogging and social media are two examples where patience will take you a lot further.

Social Media

When you initially set up a Facebook page or start sending tweets, you’ll feel like you’re talking to yourself. And you probably will feel silly. Many people will tell me, “I asked a question on Twitter and no one responded. I feel like an idiot!”

Guess what? We all feel like that from time to time when it comes to social media. It takes time to build relationships with people in person, so of course it’s going to take time to build relationships with people via social media.

Keep at it and you will breakthrough. For some extra encouragement, read through some of The Way I Tweet posts from business owners who have use Twitter successfully. They all started out with 1 follower.


When you start blogging, your first article may have a handful of visitors and half of them are your mom, dad and friends. But give it time. Once you get into the groove of blogging, you’ll start attracting people to your blog and you’ll be so excited the first time you get a comment from someone you don’t know.

It’s these little wins that will keep you going.

Key Takeaway

Don’t give up. It all takes time!

Be sure to have a solid online marketing plan created, so you’ll have a guide to follow. The plan will include goals and the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. It may take 3 months, 6 month or even a year, but you’ll reach them!

Put a little effort in every day and your marketing patience will pay off. I promise.

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