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How to Get Recommendations on Facebook

Posted by Allison Semancik

Recommendations on FacebookYou might have noticed over the past few weeks that when you Like certain Facebook pages, you're prompted to write a recommendation. It's no wonder that Facebook added the ability to write recommendations. Many people (myself included) won't eat at a restaurant without checking out Yelp reviews or buy a book without reading what people have to say about it on Amazon. Now we can look at Facebook pages to see what people think.

How to Get Recommendations on Your Facebook Page

For now, recommendations can only be made on Facebook pages that have a location (Tweet this tip). If you do not have your address listed on your Facebook page, you can update and add it. This may require that you change your page category in order to add your location. Here's how to do it.

On your Facebook page, click Edit Page in the upper right hand corner.  Then click Basic Information. At the top, you'll see drop down boxes to choose a category. To enter an address, you'll need to choose Local Business or Place as the category. This is the only option that will let you enter an address.

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Once you add your location, people will be prompted to write a recommendation once they click Like, as shown below.

Facebook Recommendations 2


Ask For Recommendations

For your current fans, you might consider asking them to write a recommendation for you. Ask them in a Facebook post or perhaps write a blog article to tell them about the new Facebook feature and how they can let you know what they think of your business. (Tweet this tip)

All of the recommendations will show up on the right side column of your Facebook page for people to read them.   

Facebook Recommendations Sept 2011

Who Sees Facebook Recommendations?

When someone writes a recommendation, they have the option to make their recommendation Public (shown to everyone who is on Facebook), for their Friends eyes only or a Custom audience. Even if you are getting recommendations that people only share with their Facebook friends, it is still a powerful tool.

Facebook recommendations 4

If you have a Local Business page on Facebook, have you had any recommendations yet? Do you think they will lead to more business?

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