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Use Facebook Promotions to Generate Leads, Not Just Likes

Posted by Allison Semancik

facebook promotionsWhen companies create Facebook promotions and brainstorm Facebook marketing ideas, usually the goal is to get more Facebook "likes."  So they set up a giveaway, "Click Like and Enter to Win." Depending on what the giveaway entails, they probably get a lot of new fans on the Facebook page.  But there is room to create a much bigger goal, it just takes a little more time and thinking.  But the results are well worth the effort.   

You aren't doing your Facebook page and your business any favors by having a bunch of fans that don't care about what you have to say on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.  So the goal should be to get more targeted "likes" that have a stronger possibility of becoming leads and ultimately a client or a sale. (Tweet this tip)

Here is my super quick outline of what to think of the next time you want to run a Facebook promotion:

1. Consider what you are giving away.

It should be directly related to your business.  If you sell a product, it should be the product.  If you offer a service, it should be the service.  Why? Because then you get people who are actually interested in your business.  If you're giving an iPad away, you'll get a lot of people who want to enter, but will all of them care about your business? (Tweet this tip)

2. After someone enters, give them an offer.

It should work like this: arrive at Facebook giveaway page.  Person clicks like and enters the giveaway.  After they enter, they should land on a "thank you" page.  Here's where you can offer them a coupon or an invitation to a webinar or to download your super smart whitepaper.

3. Do something with the email addresses.

Once someone enters, you should have an automatic email set up to send to them.  It can pretty much mirror what you had on the "thank you" page - "thanks for entering, good luck and here's a special offer for you." More or less :-)

4. Send a few more emails.

Hopefully, after the giveaway is over, a lot of the people who "liked" your Facebook page will stick around.  And you can share links to your great content as well as your smart tips on your Facebook page.  But not everyone will notice your Facebook posts, so you should schedule some emails to your new list of Facebook entrants.    

Let them know about another great offer you have or perhaps ask them to subscribe to your blog or your newsletter.  Your goal is to get them to take that next step and become a lead.

If you set up your Facebook promotion with a bigger goal in mind, you'll have better results. 

With a solid plan in place before you launch the promotion, you can get some new Facebook fans who will appreciate the information you share on your page and you will have the opportunity to convert some of them into great clients. 

What do you think?  Is there anything else that should be critical in a Facebook Promotion in order to generate more leads?

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