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5 Facebook Marketing Ideas to Get More Fans

Posted by Allison Semancik
Facebook Marketing IdeasUpdated: April 1, 2013

If you've created a Facebook Page for your business and are not happy with the number of fans you have, it may be time for a reassessment of your Facebook marketing. With the 5 tips I've outlined below, you can create a new plan to help you increase the number of "likes" your business Page has.

1. Decide on an objective for your Facebook page.

Do you want to build an email list or get more blog subscribers? Do you plan to use Facebook to sell your products? Are you going to use Facebook to improve customer service?

Your objective doesn't have to be complicated, but you need one to help you guide your posts, interactions and campaigns on Facebook. And you'll have a much more steady increase in fans when you follow a plan.

2. Have a stellar landing page.

Previously known as a landing tab before the changes to the new Facebook Pages, this is the "page" that new people to a Facebook page see before they have clicked the "like" button. You have a choice as to where visitors land - and this is a great opportunity to create a landing page that encourages them to click like and learn a bit about your business.

Update: Facebook no longer gives you the option to choose where people land once they click "Like". They will land on the Timeline now. You can work around this (somewhat). If you are directing people to Facebook from your website or a Facebook Ad, you can decide which page you want them to land on.

For example, when running Facebook Ads, we direct people to this page on the Idea Sprouts Facebook page. Once someone likes the page, they are invited to download 50 Facebook Marketing Ideas, which helps build more leads from Facebook. 

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Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith shares some amazing data with us:

Custom landing page converts fans at 47% vs. landing on the wall which converts at 23% (tweet this stat)

So if you want to get more likes, get yourself a nice landing tab!

3. Add value with your Facebook Page.

People want to like a page that adds some value to their time on Facebook (the average Facebook session is 55 minutes!). So share great content with them. That content should be a mix of your content and other people's content. And all of it should share advice, tips or current events and news (tweet this tip).

When it comes to sharing your content, share your blog posts and videos. Fans will appreciate the advice and useful information you share with them, they get to know you better, and it will keep your business top of mind.

4. Ask interesting and fun questions to get fans talking.

You want to share great content with your fans, but also remember to ask questions from time to time. You'll see that this is what gets people responding - and it makes sense, doesn't it? You ask a question and people respond! I find that the most simple questions really get the most answers.

By getting more response, your page becomes lively and you'll gain more fans. Look at Target's page and see what types of questions they ask. You'll see that a lot of times, the questions have nothing to do with Target.

5. Make your page fun!

Consider adding some fun to your Facebook page with things like videos, activities or giveaways. You'll get people excited and sharing your page with their friends. Check out the Firehouse Subs page to get an idea of a fun, interactive page.

Important Note: Giveaways are always a sure way to get new fans, but you must make sure you adhere to Facebook rules. That means you need to use a Facebook app like Wildfire to run your giveaway. Remember, Facebook has the right to shut down your page, so you want to make sure you follow the rules.

Learn more about Facebook promotions.

Marketing Takeaway

With a little bit of planning and creative thinking, you can build a Facebook page that will be engaging for your fans and fulfill your objective for being on Facebook.


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