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A Simple Facebook Business Page that Boosts Word of Mouth Referrals

Posted by Allison Semancik

For the past two days, I've shared online marketing techniques employed by impressive Facebook business pages that you can use for your own Facebook business page.

The pages I shared with you used beautiful, colorful graphics and Facebook apps.  I'm sure a decent amount of money was spend to get those robust pages, but you can still have a thriving page on a more modest budget. 

Today's Facebook business page proves that a simple Facebook page can still do what social media marketing does best - encourage word of mouth referrals. 

Today's Impressive Facebook Business Page is from Kids N Pets

My sister is the one who discovered the Kids N Pets Facebook page and shared it with me and her friends on Facebook.  Kids N Pets is a stain remover.  My sister said that the last bottle she bought at the store had a tag on it that told you to go to Facebook to get a free bottle of Kids N Pets.

Since she is a huge fan of the stain remover (she has a 3 year old and two cats), she went to Facebook and the tab she landed on at Kids N Pets explained how to get a free bottle.  Pretty simple.  She shared the page with others and that's how word of mouth works on Facebook! 

It's important to note that my sister has used Kids N Pets for a while now and she never mentioned to me that it was something I should buy.  It wasn't until she was on Facebook and saw the great offer, that she shared it with me.  The ease of sharing on Facebook really does encourage referrals.

Facebook business page

Other components that I like about this Facebook business page:

Q&A right on Facebook: Pets N Kids lists their FAQ on a tab to help answer questions people may have about how to use the product.

Pet Partners: Pets N Kids partners with a pet adoption nonprofit to help raise awareness about the need to adopt pets from shelters.  People who use their product are most likely interested in helping animals and this is a win-win for all involved.

Marketing Ideas for Your Business:

  1. If you can offer a free trial or free sample of your product, do it! You can see from their Facebook page, that they didn't spend a ton of money on creating a spectacular tab. Of course, if you do have more money or time to spend on it, by all means, please do.

  2. Provide answers to frequently asked questions about your product or service. 

  3. Show your charitable side.  If your business helps the community, let your fans know about it. It creates a warm and fuzzy feeling for all involved.

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If you have any questions on how you can create an impressive Facebook business page, please comment below.  I will be happy to give you my insight.

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