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3 Marketing Ideas from an Impressive Facebook Business Page

Posted by Allison Semancik

You have already put up a Facebook business page for your business, but you may not be sure what you should be doing with your page.  I've found three impressive Facebook business pages that will give you winning marketing ideas to use on your business page.    For the next 3 days, I'll introduce you to a business that is doing a good job at using Facebook to interact with their target market and give you marketing ideas that you can use on your Facebook business page to increase fans and participation.

Today's impressive Facebook business page is from Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe offers daily sales on luxury designer brands - the sales starting at noon each day and last 36 hours.  Every day, Gilt subscribers receive an email an hour before the noon sale announcing what designers will be part of the sale.  Most people who receive the emails are going to open the email to see what designer deals they can get. 

Facebook Business Page
When Gilt wanted to promote their Facebook page, they added a banner to the daily email announcing a designer handbag giveaway.  It's simple: go to their Facebook page, click like and be entered to win a designer handbag.  It's an enticing offer for subscribers and it's been working for them.  Gilt is using the popular Facebook contest app WildFire to run the contest.

Components that I like about this Facebook business page:

Ask a Fashion Question: Fans can ask questions that will be answered by Gilt Group fashion experts.

Sales Preview: Since Gilt builds up the excitement for their upcoming sales, this is a great way to get fans excited about what they can purchase at noon.

Marketing Ideas for Your Business:

1. Create a contest to increase the number of "likes" on your page (Tweet this tip)

2. If you have a regular email marketing campaign or newsletter, tell your list you are on Facebook and give them a reason to go and click Like. (Tweet this tip)

3. Invite fans to ask questions on your wall and answer them promptly. It's a good way to start a conversation. (Tweet this tip)

Your business may not have as large as a marketing budget as Gilt Groupe does, but you can still employ the same marketing techniques that they do to get results.

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