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7 Ideas for Using Twitter's Vine App for Business


Ready to take Twitter to the next level? Say hello to Vine, the new Twitter app that lets users share 6-second looping videos and share them not only on Vine but also on Twitter and Facebook.

7 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Blog

7 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Blog

One of my goals for 2012 was to start adding more videos to the Idea Sprouts YouTube Channel and to the blog.

How to Use Video on Your Blog

how to use video on your blog

Writing articles for a blog can be tedious at times.  Luckily, there are some alternatives to writing articles liking using video.  There are some great advantages to using video.

You add a new dimension to your blog.   Visitors are no longer just reading your words, they are now seeing you and hearing your voice.  It is one more way to build a connection with your blog readers.
Your videos can be posted on video sharing sites like YouTube.  When you post your videos on these sites, you'll have the chance to link back to your website.  If someone finds your video helpful, they will be inclined to click back to your site to see what other wisdom you can share.

What kind of video should you create?

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