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Resources for Getting Started with Google+ for Business

Google Plus for Business

Google+ for business was launched last week and many businesses have jumped in and create a page.

Hold Off on Using Google + for Business

Google + for business

With the release of Google + this week, a lot of businesses are wondering how, when and if they should incorporate the newest social media network into their social media strategies.

Well, for now, as a business, you should hold off. 

Google has released a statement asking that people not create a Google + account for their businesses.  Right now, they are focusing on keeping the social media network for personal accounts only with the intent of working through the kinks and releasing business profiles later this year.  And if you do set up an account as a business (or already did), the account will likely be shut down.  The Next Web shares details on the announcement from Google here.

If you are interested in seeing how Google + can work for your business, the best thing to do now is get started with a personal account.  Just as with any other social media network, it's best to learn the ins and outs before your put your business on the line. Make all the mistakes with your personal profile.  Then you can understand how your business can use Google + and if it will work for your business, add it to your social media strategy.

If you are already using Google +, I'd love to connect!  Follow me on Google +

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