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Top Apps for Facebook Contests

Top Apps for Facebook Contests

If you actively follow brand Pages on Facebook, chances are you’ve already come across a contest or two. You may have also noticed that these contests garner a lot of attention, effectively engage fans, and even help to attract new customers. That’s why companies love hosting Facebook contests just as much as fans love entering them.

5 Must Haves for Creating Custom Images for Social Media Sharing

describe the image

By now, you’ve probably heard that photos drive the best engagement on social networks. It’s no surprise, then, that a growing number of users are beginning to share more and more images across sites like Facebook and Google +.  If you, too, are ready to start adding images to your sharing plan, here are 5 must have resources for producing your own content.

74 Awesome Facebook Marketing Resources

Facebook Marketing Resources 0

Keeping track of all that goes into creating and managing a Facebook marketing campaign can be quite a daunting task, especially considering the frequent policy changes and updates made to the site. Fortunately, there's plenty of helpful information around the web (and right here on our site) that can help guide you through the process.

5 Things You Can Do With Facebook’s New Cover Photo Rules

5 Things You can do with Facebooks New Cover Photo Rules

When Facebook launched Timeline in February 2012, users weren’t allowed many liberties when it came to creating their own cover photos. Now, however, Facebook has loosened up its policies to permit things like calls to action, product promotions, and contact information.

Facebook Marketing: Creating a Call to Action with Timeline Apps

facebook timeline apps

One of the best features of the new Facebook timeline for pages are the application icons. These little square images appear right below the cover photo.

The Pros and Cons of the New Facebook Timeline for Businesses

Facebook Timeline Business 4

UPDATE April 26, 2012: The profile picture on all fan pages increased from 125x125px to 160x160px.

5 Facebook Marketing Ideas to Get More Fans

Facebook Marketing IdeasUpdated: April 1, 2013
If you've created a Facebook Page for your business and are not happy with the number of fans you have, it may be time for a reassessment of your Facebook marketing. With the 5 tips I've outlined below, you can create a new plan to help you increase the number of "likes" your business Page has.

1. Decide on an objective for your Facebook page.

Do you want to build an email list or get more blog subscribers? Do you plan to use Facebook to sell your products? Are you going to use Facebook to improve customer service?

Your objective doesn't have to be complicated, but you need one to help you guide your posts, interactions and campaigns on Facebook. And you'll have a much more steady increase in fans when you follow a plan.

Great Opportunities for Businesses with the New Facebook Fan Pages

Pages on FacebookA lot of marketers and business owners are rejoicing because of the new Facebook fan pages that were rolled out yesterday.  The new pages offer a lot of features that will give businesses more opportunity to interact and communicate much better on Facebook.

Great Upgrades in the New Facebook Pages

You will now receive notifications of any activity on your page.  This is a big one!  Prior to this change, you had to keep refreshing your page to see if you needed to respond to any mentions.  Now you'll be notified, just like you are with your personal page.

You can comment and like on Facebook as your business page.  Great news for those wanting to spread the word about their fan page.  Now you can interact and engage on Facebook as your fan page which should help you get more fans when people are curious to know about who is making the great comments ;-) (Tweet this tip)

Once you upgrade your page, on the right hand column, you'll see Admins and below that, a text link like this:

When you click this link, you are now able to make comments as the fan page.

You can change your category.  When a fan page is first set up, you decide which category your page should be placed (such as person, brand, local service, etc)  With the new pages, you can change the category which is great news for businesses that weren't sure where to place their page when they first set it up.

You will get notifications of fan activity and new likes in the upper left notification bar.  Again, this is just like with your personal page - you can see any activity right when you get into Facebook.

Some issues are bound to happen with this upgrade.  Already, many pages are experiencing bugs.  Before you start worrying about how you're going to fix problems, make sure that they are bugs and not some new feature in the upgraded pages.  Update: Facebook has resolved the issues affecting Fan Pages!

To get the most up to date information, check out these resources.  They are all sharing great tips during this change:

I suggest you take some time to learn more about how your new page is laid out.  You can do so in the preview mode before you decide to upgrade your page. 

Marketing Takeaway:

With the new Facebook Pages, your business is going to be able to better engage with people and other pages on Facebook.  Take advantage of the opportunity and get out there and share your expertise on Facebook! (Tweet this tip)

A Simple Facebook Business Page that Boosts Word of Mouth Referrals

Facebook business page

For the past two days, I've shared online marketing techniques employed by impressive Facebook business pages that you can use for your own Facebook business page.

The pages I shared with you used beautiful, colorful graphics and Facebook apps.  I'm sure a decent amount of money was spend to get those robust pages, but you can still have a thriving page on a more modest budget. 

Tips for Creating a Community on Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page

For Day 2 of a look at impressive Facebook business pages, I have chosen a company that does an excellent job at creating a community with their page.

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