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Top Apps for Facebook Contests

Top Apps for Facebook Contests

If you actively follow brand Pages on Facebook, chances are you’ve already come across a contest or two. You may have also noticed that these contests garner a lot of attention, effectively engage fans, and even help to attract new customers. That’s why companies love hosting Facebook contests just as much as fans love entering them.

Should You Be Creating Instagram Videos for Business?

Instagram Videos for business 1

On our constant quest to create more content to share with the world, things have been getting more and more visual. Pinterest and Instagram have made photos more shareable, while YouTube and Vine give users the chance to add video to their content arsenal.

Twitter Image Size Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter Image Size Cheat Sheet 2

On the surface, Twitter seems like an extraordinarily simple site. But, as any frequent member will tell you, there’s plenty more to it than sending bite-sized text messages. If you really want to get the most out of Twitter, you should start with an effective profile page that takes advantage of the header and background space to display compelling images related to your brand.

Getting Started with Facebook Hashtags

Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags are finally available on Facebook, something that has been commonplace on most other social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. If you’re a fan of these other social media networks, then you’re quite accustomed to seeing and probably using hashtags. In fact, you might have used them on Facebook in the past, but they weren’t clickable.

Social Media: The New Publicist for Movies

Social Media The New Publicist for Movies

The following is a guest blog post from Emma-Julie Fox of Pitstop Media, Inc.

Pinterest Image Size Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest Image Size Cheat Sheet 0

If you’ve kept up with our past blog posts, you probably already know Idea Sprouts loves Pinterest. Increased website traffic, more links to our site, and tons of creative ways to showcase our work are just a few of the reasons we’re so excited about the photo-sharing social media site, and why your business should be on the site too.

8 Mobile Apps That Will Make You A Better Marketer


You may have already noticed that online marketing is an always-on type of job. The world doesn’t stop tweeting during lunch hours, and when you go on vacation, the emails and Facebook messages tend stack up even higher. But, the thoughts and questions of your growing fan base don’t need to take a pause just because you’re away from your computer. With a few, powerful mobile apps, you can take your online marketing to the next level and be ready to address any issue at a moment’s notice.

How to Create Facebook Marketing Goals and Achieve Them

facebook marketing goals

Many times, I hear from people that they are not happy with their Facebook marketing results. During the conversation the first question I always ask is “What are your Facebook marketing goals?”

Pinterest Success Story: 28% of Our Social Media Leads via Pinterest

Pinterest Success Story 0

I’ve written before about how Pinterest is a viable social media network for your business and I’ve even given you 5 reasons why your business should be using Pinterest.

5 Must Haves for Creating Custom Images for Social Media Sharing

describe the image

By now, you’ve probably heard that photos drive the best engagement on social networks. It’s no surprise, then, that a growing number of users are beginning to share more and more images across sites like Facebook and Google +.  If you, too, are ready to start adding images to your sharing plan, here are 5 must have resources for producing your own content.

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